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Free e-book - Big data for dummies

Free e-book - Big data for dummies

Big Data For Dummies

About the book :

Big data is new to many people, so it requires some investigation and understanding
of both the technical and business requirements. Many different people need knowledge about big data. Some of you want to delve into the technical details, while others want to understand the economic implications of making use of big data technologies. Other executives need to know enough to be able to understand how big data can affect business decisions. Implementing a big data environment requires both an architectural and a business approach — and lots of planning.

No matter what your goal is in reading this book, we address the following issues to help you understand big data and the impact it can have on your business:

What is the architecture for big data? How can you manage huge volumes of data without causing major disruptions in your data center?
When should you integrate the outcome of your big data analysis with your data warehouse?
What are the implications of security and governance on the use of big data? How can you keep your company safe?
What is the value of different data technologies, and when should you consider them as part of your big data strategy?
What types of data sources can you take advantage of with big data analytics? How can you apply different types of analytics to business problems?

How This Book Is Organized

We divided our book into seven parts for easy reading. Feel free to skip about.

Part I: Getting Started with Big Data

In this part, we explain the basic concepts you need for a full understanding of big data, from both a technical and a business perspective. We also introduce you to the major concepts and components so that you can hold your own in any meaningful conversation about big data.

Part II: Technology Foundations for Big Data

Part II is for both technical and business professionals who need to understand the different types of big data components and the underlying technology concepts that support big data. In this section, we give you an understanding about the type of infrastructure that will make big data more practical.

Part III: Big Data Management

Part III is for both technical and business professionals, but it gets into a lot more of the details of different database options and emerging technologies such as MapReduce and Hadoop. Understanding these underlying technologies can help you understand what is behind this important trend.

Part IV: Analytics and Big Data

How do you analyze the massive amounts of data that become part of your big data infrastructure? In this part of the book, we go deeper into the different types of analytics that are helpful in getting real meaning from your data. This part helps you think about ways that you can turn big data into action for your business.

Part V: Big Data Implementation

This part gets to the details of what it means to actually manage data, including issues such as operationalizing your data and protecting the security and privacy of that data. This section gives you plenty to think about in this critical area.

Part VI: Big Data Solutions in the Real World

In this section, you get an understanding of how companies are beginning to use big data to transform their business operations. If you want to get a peek into the future at what you might be able to do with data, this section is for you.

Part VII: The Part of Tens

If you’re new to the For Dummies treasure-trove, you’re no doubt unfamiliar with The Part of Tens. In this section, Wiley editors torture For Dummies authors into creating useful bits of information that are easily accessible in lists containing ten (or so) elucidating elements. We started these chapters kicking and screaming but are ultimately very glad that they’re here. After you read through the big data best practices, and the do’s and don’ts we provide in The Part of Tens, we think you’ll be glad, too.

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